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Free Kindle Ebooks

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A new facelift!

This blog is in a terrible need for a facelift!! After a long hiatus, I am dusting off the cobwebs  and coming back with some awesome stuff! From now on, this blog will focus on ways  to earn extra income, ways to get free stuff especially free ebooks and anything else income generating and money savings that comes along the way!  I am so excited about this new focus!! I will be back!


Starting violin lessons

C will be starting violin lessons in the fall. So I have already started to gather necessary supplies otherwise it will be a huge expense if I buy everything in September. A friend suggested that I also include a folding music stand on the shopping list so that she has a place to place her music scores during performance. I really hope that C will like her violin lessons. I think that her piano classes will be a big help for her because she is able to read music scores already. Hopefully that will shorten her basic lesson curve.


A new outdoor field

Currently C’s school does not have a complete outdoor field for outdoor sports. This year the school managed to raise some fund through the school auction to outfit a proper outdoor field. However due to the crazy wet weather that we have been having, the school has not started on the outdoor field project yet. I was a little disappoingted because I was hoping that they would be able to complete the project before the school ends so that the kids would be able to take advantage of the warmer weather and play outside more. The kids have been stuck indoors too long this winter. But this week I heard from the person in charge that they have already been checking out  aluminumbleachersdirect.com for aluminum bleachers, so there is still hope that the kids will get a nice outdoor field for playtime next month.


Time to learn a little DIY

My DH and I not definitely non-DIYers. That is why we have also stuck to buying new houses instead of fixer-uppers. However I think now we are starting to face the fact that we might have to start doing a litle DIY on our current house. Even though we bought it new, it has been almost 6 years and a lot of things in the house are starting to show signs of wear and tear. They are just minor issues and I am sure can be easily fixed if we try. All I probably need is to check out reidsupply.com for fasteners and a trip to the local hardware store for other parts and I will be all set to take on a little DIY around the house.


New running shoes for me

I need new shoes! Usually I only buy a new pair of sports shoes every couple of years. However since last year, I have been going to the gym a lot and wearing out my current shoes faster that expected. Currently I am eyeing the new salomon running shoes. I love their vibrant colors. The only drawback is that they are just a tad over my budget. Maybe I can add them to my birthday wish list for this year. In the meantime, I will just be more careful with my current shoes.


Volatile investment market

Today the stock market is up, yesterday it was down and so it continues. Yes, I do understand that the stock market goes up and down all the time but it seems like it is so much more volatile these couple of years. All my years of finance classes are not helpful at all in studying the market. I think instead of investing in stock market nowadays, it is better for me to check out gold coins for sale at goldeneagle.com. At least there is less volatility in the gold market


Starting early for school supplies

Remember my shopping list for the summer? Well, I am still in the process of fulfilling the list. Yesterday I just received a request to buy jansport backpacks here and bring it back in the summer. It seems that backpacks are so expensive back home and do not last long. When I checked out the Jansport website, I was surprised to see some great deals going on. Maybe I should snag one for C too for her school next year. That way I will not be scrambling in September trying to find the right school bag. It is never too late to start buying school supplies, right?


The scary teen years

It’s hard being a parent. As a parent, I try to provide my kid with the best and try to parent to the best of my ability and hopefully with lots of prayers, they will grow up to be a good teenager and adult. But I have to admit that as my kid heads closer to the teen years, I do get worried especially after I heard about a kid who recently was admitted to a drug abuse rehab. The scary thing is that the kid was raised in a very protected home. I feel so bad for the parents who did their best but could not avoid this unpleasant situation. I guess all I can do is just parent my child to the best of my ability and not worry so much.