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Another year another resolution…..

* Dust Dust* *Cough Cough * It has been a while since I updated this blog. Somehow life got so busy that inevitably this blog always loses when it comes to priority. But I guess that how life is. Family always comes first no matter what, right? Anyway, it is good to be back blogging. It’s already the 11th day into the new year. It is hard to believe. Well, another year, another resolution. This year I have not totally given up on resolution but I did a short and hopefully manageable list. I only have 2 things on my resolution. The first is of course get healthy. Last year was not a good health year, so this year I will spend more time at the gym and eat healthy. The second resolution is to get organized. To get started on this resolution, I spend last week just shopping for stands and mounts for my electronics and also book shelves for all the books and magazine. Hopefully I will be able to achieve these resolutions this year.

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