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About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am Yves and I am a SAHM. This blog was actually started in 2007 while the Kiddo was little. Back then it was meant to be kept as a journal for all of Kiddos’ growing up fun. Somewhere along the way, Kiddo grew up and we both got really busy. Her with her school and extra activities and me with all the chauffeuring duties! So I slowly lost focus for this blog. But now I am back. Kiddo is all happy growing into her tween years and I have more time now.

I have found a new focus for this blog and that is to find ways to generate more income. Being a SAHM has its perks but it also means that budget is tight, so any extra income will be helpful. So this blog will focus on some of those income generating ideas and also some free stuff.

I also blog at KookyCulinary.com – a blog all about food.

To contact me, please leave me a comment here or email me at Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thanks for dropping by my little blog.